Selecting your online communication channel


Effective communication is the art of selecting the right tools so that a specific audience can hear and understand you better. Your patient organization builds dialogue with a large and diverse group of stakeholders every day; that is why a good set of communication tools is very useful. It will help you get your message across more successfully and reach the goal of your conversations with important audiences.

Selecting your online communication channel


Online communication is an important factor in reaching the right stakeholders with your message. In our digital era, audiences expect communicators to reach them wherever they are active themselves, including social media. So how do you select the right channel and customize it for your audiences?


By spreading your organization’s core messages, Facebook enables educating audiences and building their awareness of your relevant health areas of interest. Moreover, the nature of the platform helps you keep in touch with e.g. patients and their families.


Here you can post less official content, for example images, pictures, animations or videos showing event preparations or the everyday work of your organization.


Choose this business platform to position your experts and your organization online. With Twitter, you can also follow the profiles of other influential people and institutions, comment on current events in the health sector, and interact with other stakeholders and organizations.


Individuals, businesses and organizations can create their virtual CVs on LinkedIn. Such a professional business card can be useful when you want to give your stakeholders a brief overview of your patient organization’s goals, activities, and achievements.

For more information about the specific social media platforms, please see this infographic.


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