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Janssen Advocacy Center Mission


At Janssen, we believe that creation of sustainable health care environment is joint responsibility of all involved stakeholders.
Patients, healthcare professionals, policy makers, payors and the industry should closely collaborate to ensure our healthcare systems provide the best patient outcomes.
We recognize and welcome the fact that citizens are taking an active role, making sure that patient voice is heard, understood and taken into account.
As a responsible partner we wish to support patient organizations and patient representatives in helping them to become a more knowledeable and informed stakeholder.
The conviction that knowledge can help our society triggered creation of Janssen4Patients/Advocacy Center. Content of Advocacy Center is intended for patient representatives, complimenting their insights and experience. We hope that it will help current and future patient representatives as experts in representing their patient population needs.
We find the dedication of patient organizations and representatives very inspirational and we will continue to support patients through their advocacy groups .