Striving to continue the successful partnership with patient organizations, Janssen hosted 4th CEE Network4Health Meeting on 8-9th November 2018 in Zagreb. Representatives from the prominent patient advocacy organizations across Central Eastern Europe ( Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Bosnia& Herzegovina and Macedonia) dedicated to fighting blood cancer attended the meeting. The 2-day dynamic meeting agenda was designed in close partnership of Patient advocates active in haematology CEE Network and Janssen Patient Engagement team under the leadership of Vlatka Radić. 

In addition to unbranded disease presentation of multiple myeloma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia delivered by medical expert, pharmacovigillance training on safety importance and PV processes was very much appreciated. 

Aimed  at capacity building , meeting delivered expert's training on Communication excellence. Katarzyna Fabjaniak and Grzegorz Szczepanski, Hill+Knowlton Strategies are trainers with extensive knowledge who were able to transfer their experience in meaningful theoretical and practical way. Training was successful in enriching the expertise of patient advocates and was delivered in an interactive format, making sure that participants shared their learnings and successful campaigns they are organizing in all countries. Presenting and discussing different advocacy activities and approaches was highly valuable for participants. We also agreed on producing relevant tutorials on the Communication skills, to be published on www.janssen4patients.com  in order to make it available for broader audience.    

Patient advocates spent meaningful time discussing relevant topics and effectively working together with purpose to advocate for optimal and effective healthcare accessible for patients in need.  Therefore, “Importance of data transformed to powerful arguments” workshop session, moderated by health economics experts served to explore opportunities for working together across the region and making sure patient voice is incorporated in the project as early as possible. There is a joint understanding of need for comparable cross-country healthcare data enriched with patient perspective. 

CEE Network4Health meeting served Janssen another inspirational opportunity to review progress of our activities and projects aimed to support patients and gathered valuable patient insights and suggestions for their further development.  

We, as Janssen are proud of this initiative, networking and knowledge building platform for CEE patient advocates community with an ambition to support their efforts in future.  

EN AC Network4Health
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