Advocacy Centre of Excellence Workshop (Croatia)


Advocacy Centre of Excellence Workshop dedicated to Patient Advocates took place on 26th April 2018 in Zagreb. Fifteen patient representatives from key umbrella patient organizations and prominent patient organizations were attending the workshop. 

The event has been opened by Vlatka Radić, Patient Engagement and Advocacy Lead, Janssen-  Central and Eastern Europe. She demonstrated Janssen's committment to close partnerships with patients during an introductory presentation. Discovering and developing new medicines and solutions for unmet medical need is very demanding, costly sand complex process. Patients views and insights have been incorporated throughout the lifecycle of developing innovative products which results in bringing innovative better solutions faster. Also, we at Janssen understand the important role of patient advocates as one of the key stakeholders in healthcare systems and we wished to support them with a workshop dedicated to building their knowledge and competencies. 

This was very much appreciated by the attendees. Jasna Karačić, Croatian Organization for Patient rights stated that patients have a right for reliable information and active participation in their treatment while Ivica Belina, Coallition of Croatian Patient Organizations pointed out their responsibility to educate themselves and become “patient experts - key opinion leaders”. 

The guest speaker David Danko, a Health Economics Expert, Ideas and Solutions from Hungary provided interesting presentation on principles of impactful patient advocacy. He shared his impressive knowledge on mechanisms behind healthcare systems in the world, financing methods in other countries and performance measurements used globally.  

The guest speaker Luka Vončina, a Health Economics Expert with an extensive experience and knowledge of Croatian healthcare system provided interesting and provocative lecture addressing the challenges of Croatian healthcare system and engaged attendees in lively discussion. 

Ivan Burić, Market Access Advisor had an opportunity to present, webpage devoted to bringing relevant and needed knowledge to the patients, strengthening patients’ competencies at the individual and systemic levels. This website serves as source of information about diseases and their treatment to patients, their families and caregivers. It is also very useful for patients’ organizations thanks to broad content on impactful advocacy skills and healthcare systems available. 

The patients rated this inspirational workshop very highly, fulfilling their expectations in 100% and expressed a need for similar activities in the future. 

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