Capacity building of Patient Advocacy groups high on the agenda of Janssen Slovakia


On 30 May 2018 Janssen Slovakia hosted one-day workshop entitled „The Journey of the Drug to Slovak Patient.” The Excellence workshop was effectively linked to the launch of Janssen4Patients Advocacy Center.

The main purpose of the workshop was to gather a group of the patient advocacy groups in Janssen therapeutical areas to present them with the information on the access of drugs to the Slovak market. As this information is new for many of the patient organization the first workshop gave general overview of the process in Slovakia with examples of the good practices from other European countries. The workshop was attended by thirteen participants from eleven patient advocacy group.

First part of the workshop was about the journey itself, presented by Dr. Katarína Fedorová, Lawyer and the representative of the Association of the patients with the hematological malignancies and Dr. Márk Péter Molnár, consultant Ideas & Solutions from Budapest.  The journey started with EMA Registration of the drug, through process of registration by the national to actual process of reimbursement. Dr. Márk Molnár presented valuable inputs about the access process from other European countries and where applicable also gave examples of patient advocacy involvement and influence.

In the afternoon the workshop continued by more practical part. Patient representatives were invited to work in groups. Their task was to prepare a plan on how to help a patient who is waiting for individual/case by case reimbursement treatment from a patient organization point of view, provided the doctor has submitted the request for the case by case reimbursement.

The participants appreciated friendly and open atmosphere during the workshop. They rated very highly the professionalism of the speakers and facilitators and appreciated the fact that they were able to present such a complex topic even for nonprofessional audience.

Bratislava, 6 June 2018

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