Patient Advocacy Excellence Workshop: HOW WELL DO WE KNOW OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM?


Janssen Slovenia held a Patient Advocacy Excellence Workshop in Ljubljana on May 30th 2018. Representatives of patients' associations from different disease area, tried to illuminate different aspects of the awkward complexity of Slovenian healthcare system. Main speakers were dr. David Danko from Hungary and dr. Samo Fakin from Slovenia, experts on healthcare economics and healthcare systems.

Healthcare systems are very different country by country

 »Knowledge is power, you have to use it« emphasized dr. David Danko when he presented different healthcare systems in EU and in nearby region.

Samo Fakin: »Slovenian healthcare system - Where did we step off the road? «

Former Director of Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, dr. Samo Fakin, presented functioning of the Slovenian healthcare system by the vision of the long-term leader of our central health insurance company. He explained the decision-making processes in the health system and equipped attendees with helpful guidance. He emphasized the importance of perseverance and the power of the joint acting. Fragmentation of patient associations, especially in the same therapeutic field, will not bring results.

Legitimacy, vision and language

"You need to know how the system works and approach to it with a precise and systematic action", said dr. Danko, in the second part of the meeting while presenting on the effective principles of active advocacy of patients' rights vis-à-vis public decision-makers.

Patient associations: »We cooperate with pharma, we feel safe, we wish support and cooperation also in the future«

What is the situation of patient associations in the Slovenian health care system?

Representative of the Slovenian association of patients with Lymphoma and Leukemia and of the Humana, Association of family members of patients with mental health disorders spoke about their experiences and needs.

They both emphasized:

  • POs need to have important role in treatment decision making process and in development of healthcare policy
  • cooperation on professional, completely independent and transparent way with pharmaceutical companies, which partially support their programs and, especially in the past, when the funding of patients' organizations by state foundations and public funds was difficult or impossible, with financial support enabled the existence, operation and implementing programs for patients,
  • rapidly emerging healthcare changes, which are becoming increasingly digitalized, and patients are seeking support and information online. In doing so, they are increasingly using various applications, electronic publications, linking to social networking groups.
  • caregivers and family members are very important, especially in stigmatized mental health disorders.

Janssens’ new website with information and tips for better advocacy of patient rights was also presented at the meeting by video, materials and ppt presentation.

Participants welcomed initiative in they emphasize that similar meetings should be organized in the future.


Ljubljana, 31. 5. 2018

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