Real stories

  • I was very fortunate in life

    I was very fortunate in life

    (Poland) "When I first learned about my disease, I thought my life was over. For me it was a death sentence."
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  • In search of peace

    In search of peace

    (Bulgaria) "One way for one to survive is to engage in work, a lot of work. Then one forgets"
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  • A difficult journey

    A difficult journey

    (Hungary) "I take the medicine in the morning, and then I can spend the entire day with my family"
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  • Ups and downs

    Ups and downs

    (Ireland) "In January 2014, my consultant told me my CLL was at an advanced stage and I was given 12 weeks to live."
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  • Choosing life

    Choosing life

    (Israel) "I take a pill in the morning, which keeps me alive. It’s the thing that keeps my leukemia in check, allowing me to watch my children grow up and hear the parrots that I raise chirp."
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  • Regaining life

    Regaining life

    (Romania) "I became more active, more confident, my performance levels at work have improved. In short, I have regained my life."
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