My holidays – how to prepare


For most people, a long-awaited holiday is the best part of the year. The same applies for patients with Crohn’s disease. Holidays can have a positive impact on your disease and general performance.

Plan your holiday to suit your preferences and follow the recommendations below:

Check which medicines you have to take with you and which important rules or restrictions you have to comply with. If you are planning longer journeys, such as a long bus ride, observe the storage requirements. Find out about different dietary habits abroad. Inform yourself about possible options to buy food so that you will be able to adjust your diet to your needs. It is important to arrange travel insurance (health or trip cancellation insurance) and get advice on preventative hygiene measures and necessary vaccinations. It is important to know whether there is access to medical care available at your holiday destination, in case you need it. Your health insurance company should provide you contact details of foreign doctors; you should also have a letter with you (translated into a language of your destination country) issued by your treating doctor.



As you can see, many things have been considered and clarified before travelling. It helps making a travel checklist before travelling, into which you write down all dilemmas you may have and latterly how you might clarify and resolve them. Discuss your plans and open questions with your doctor. He/she understands your disease and will advise you appropriately so that you will be well prepared and will have a problem-free holiday and enjoy this most wonderful time of the year.


  • Have you checked the requirements for storing medicines?
  • Have you found out about the possibilities of adjusting your diet?
  • Have you informed your doctor?
  • Have you clarified all questions regarding the travel insurance?
  • Do you have a letter from your doctor and contact details of foreign doctors?
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