Dealing with depression


Coping with problems is not easy. Many patients spend their whole lives trying to find the right strategies of how to deal with stress and anxiety. 


It is particularly important that you are not afraid to seek help. Anxiety and stress can lead to depression. Do not let it come so far. Depression is a long and hidden process. There are some signals that recur persistently and can indicate depression. If you are experiencing for a sustained period of a few weeks, a sad or bad mood, lack of energy, loss of interest, feelings of sadness or irritability, this can indicate the initial signs of depression. Recognize the signs that your body and mind are sending to you and seek advice from you treating doctor, who can refer you to a psychotherapist, if necessary.

Psychotherapy treatment option 

Psychotherapy addresses psychological and psychosomatic problems. It focuses on the treatment of depressions, anxieties, doubts and psychosomatic disorders. The term „psychosomatic” describes the principles of relationships between the body, mind and soul. It is based on the assumption that psychological problems also affect the body where they become evident.

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