Psychological implications


Stress and embarrassment are everyday companions of patients with Crohn’s disease. Typical signs – diarrhea, pain and cramps – lead to high levels of stress that is in most cases associated with a deep-rooted fear that you will not be able to live through your daily fear of a sporadic occurrence of a disease flare-up. Fear of investigations and tests or surgical procedure are additional stress factors.


The disease must be tackled proactively and with determination.

This of course depends on each individual patient, his/her personal circumstances and ability to cope with stress. Crohn’s disease and its multifaceted manifestations are stress factors that can affect your life. It is up to you to take the initiative in your hands and proactively stand up to your own fears, stress and the disease. Begin your journey with self-reflection or self-relaxation. If you don’t know and understand your fears, you cannot overcome them.

There is no doubt that Crohn’s disease has brought a number of changes into your life. Going to the cinema, a restaurant or shopping center can be for many patients, especially at the beginning, very stressful, but you should maintain a positive attitude and optimistic outlook on life.

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