Real stories

  • Mr. Peter's story
    Mr. Peter's story (Czech Republic) After the initial shock, you start to look in the rear view mirror and do your balances. At first, what did I miss or do wrong. But then I went in another direction and realized that I hadn’t wasted my life, that I accomplished things, started a company, had fun and lived a lot.
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  • Mr. John's story
    Mr. John's story (Czech Republic) This experience with my illness, which the Internet deems incurable, was incredibly valuable to me. It was, in a way, a gift. I reassessed many things in my life. Many priorities shifted and I started to value relationships instead of things.
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  • Changing everything
    Changing everything (Slovakia) In April 2005, I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma – a cancer formed by malignant plasma cells found in the bone marrow. I accepted the illness with sadness but with humility.
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