Treatment is important

"Confidence in your body is completely lost. It lets you down. So, it takes some time to regain trust in your body."
Andraž, 66 years old
Stock photo. Posed by model.
Because the progressed multiple myeloma is a serious disease, treatment is necessary. There are various reasons to undergo treatment, such as:
  • high probability in prolonging your lifespan,
  • the quality of life will probably remain the same as it was before the onset of the disease,
  • in the long run, the effect of the treatment is having less pain and fewer difficulties, especially when it comes to bone pain. Also, infections are less frequent,
  • every person is a unique entity and so is every patient and thus the treatment of multiple myeloma needs to be uniquely designed according to each patient. Various forms and types of treatment are available. Treatment will be customized when starting the treatment. When the disease relapses, or when it gains momentum and progresses, the same principals of deciding on the most appropriate treatment method for you will apply.
The physicians will recommend treatment bested suited to your particular condition. The following criteria will be observed:
  • assessment of patient’s general condition and problems (presence of possible simultaneous chronic diseases),
  • your age,
  • your personal status and lifestyle,
  • your wishes and priorities in life,
  • the results of diagnostic examinations and laboratory tests,
  • the stage and the aggressiveness of the disease,
  • possible previous treatment methods that were more or less effective.
If, during the treatment or after it, the disease progresses, this points to the fact that the treatment received is not successful, or that the disease has recurred. Although this might be the case, keep in mind, that there is possibility of your condition improving after the treatment and that the disease will stagnate. The latter is also valid, if the results of one of the previous treatment methods were not favorable or if your condition worsened. At present, there are a lot of new medications available, not just the established treatment methods that have been around for years. Many new treatments are being developed. Perhaps investing in additional treatment would be beneficial to your condition.
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