Role of family and friends in psoriasis therapy

A person diagnosed with psoriasis may feel insecure. When visible areas of the skin are affected by psoriasis, patients may experience social stigma.

If any of our friends or relatives suffers from psoriasis, it is important to learn more about psoriasis and how to support patients. Remember that psoriasis is a chronic disease that varies in intensity.

Persons affected by psoriasis can feel socially isolated (or even face social intolerance) because of widespread stereotypes. In consequence, they are more prone to depression. In certain cases, it may be necessary to provide them with psychotherapeutical care so that patients can learn how to react to extremely negative reactions of the society. Certainly it is important to inform people who live or work with a person affected by psoriasis that this skin condition is not contagious, despite the fact that it may cause serious symptoms.

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