There is a fragment of our brain which is responsible for the identification of what relates to us, i.e. what directly concerns us. This part of the brain is activated when: we come across a familiar looking person (for example, when walking down the street, we are passing by a number of strangers but when we suddenly meet a friend or a known person,  then this part of the brain is activated, making us perceive a familiar face (person). We notice an information which is interested for us or which concerns us in some way (for example, while walking down the street, we are passing by a number of advertisements but  are  just looking  for a specific object or site).

If we see an advertisement of this object or place, then this part of the brain will become activated. We shall see that this is what we are looking for. Our brain will come across an information which, for some reason, may seem significant, important or interesting (e.g. it may happen when a cycling fan will perceive a new bike model on a display).


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How do the prescribed drugs act? Antipsychotic agents restore the proper functioning of this part of the brain. They treat the "overactivity" of this part of the brain. They control the activity of the brain area responsible for identification and distinction between what is related to a given person and what is new and surprising. The medicinal agents may reduce the excessive perception of what you see and hear as related to your person. They constrain the reception of too many signals from the outside to enable functioning as before psychosis.

The medicines help the patient relate to himself/herself what is really related to him/her. The goals of regular adherence to prescribed medication regimen is to help you relate to yourself only those persons in the street who are really familiar, while retaining indifference to passing by strangers; - not to relate to yourself all the seen advertisements or heard conversations and words - only those which are really related to yourself; in addition, the activity of antipsychotic drugs will give you peace, reduce nervous tension, the level of anger or aggressiveness, improve your daily activity and sleep at night.


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