Schizophrenia symptoms


Delusions and hallucinations are the so-called positive symptoms created by psyche.

 Positive symptoms

The patient can hear strange voices or experience loud thoughts which he/she is unable to understand and cause a feeling of anxiety in a patient. Sometimes these voices tell the patient what to do or not to do (e.g. not to take medicines or hurt himself/herself). The voices can be unpleasant at times, as they blaspheme against the patient or speak about him/her badly.

At other times, the patient may be convinced that something is crawling on his/her skin, the patient feels smells the other people do not sense. The patient believes that other people lie.

Such symptoms are HALLUCINATIONS – unreal feelings, not perceived by anyone else. They may involve each of the senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell…

Jarema M.(red): Psychiatria, 2016; PZWL

Negative symptoms

The patients tend to isolate themselves from the others, they do not feel like going out, meet or talk with people, they do not care about hygiene or wearing clean clothes.

They may experience thinking issues (racing thoughts or void), trouble with remembering things, concentrating.

They may lose interest in things they liked before,their activity is limited, they do not tend to speak too often, their activities are limited to smoking, watching TV or playing computer games.

The patient has his/her own world and does not want to leave it, he/she seems not to care about the real world.

Such symptoms are negative symptoms, which “disappear in functioning” of a patient


Jarema M.(red): Psychiatria, 2016; PZWL

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