How to take care of mental health?


Taking care of the development of one's health, strengthening of physical and mental capacity is a method, available to everybody, to prevent diseases.

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Striving at improvement of the physical and mental health condition is particularly important after a disease - we shall then have a bigger chance that the disease will not relapse, while the losses, which our body has suffered during disease, will be compensated.

There are many health improving factors. We shall undoubtedly strengthen them by proper nutrition, maintained hygiene, exercising in the fresh air, rest and relaxation, building and maintenance of positive contacts and relations with close persons, cultivating of indigenous cultural and spiritual tradition and by avoiding situations and behaviours which pose risks and threats to our health.

It is worth knowing that...

Just as physical health is manifested in effective functioning (motor efficiency and ability for physical effort) and the lack of physical sensations (pains, dyspnoea, etc.), so the mental health is revealed in the good functional condition of our psyche.

Concern and care of mental hygiene will ensure outstanding effects, out of which, the following ones deserve particular emphasis:

  • positive mood,
  • good emotional approach,
  • effective coping with excessive and negative emotions,
  • efficient concentration of attention,
  • memorisation and easy recalling,
  • effective learning,
  • adequate perception,
  • evaluation and understanding of events and phenomena,
  • effective execution of tasks,
  • setting and achieving goals,
  • solving difficult problems,
  • participation in life of our community.


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