RELAPSE is the situation when the patient starts to re-experience disease symptoms, which have gone away earlier.


  • If drugs are not taken regularly: 
    blood sugar level is too low and the drugs stop working
  • Discontinuation of drugs, particularly without consulting a doctor
  • The patient experiences too much stress e.g. quarrels, illness of a patient or his/her close one, exam
  • Drinking alcohol (beer is also alcohol), smoking cannabis or using drugs


Relapse consequences

Every time a diseases relapses, especially if a patient discontinues to take drugs on his/her own:

  • Most often the patient will NEED TO STAY IN HOSPITAL.
  • Usually such a relapse is LONGER AND MORE DIFFICULT TO TREAT THAN THE PREVIOUS ONE (higher doses of drugs are needed, or even a combination of two or three drugs at the same time).
  • The patient SOCIAL FUNCTIONING IS COMPROMISED (difficulties at school, work, sometimes the patient needs to withdraw from such activities).
  • RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE CLOSES ONES ARE AFFECTED  – sometimes aggression occurs and it is difficult for the family to deal with such behaviour.
  • RELATIONSHIPS WITH PEERS, friends are affected – frequent isolation, hospital stays.


What are the signs of a relapse?

SIGNS OF A RELAPSE include mainly a change in a patient's behaviour and early symptoms of a disease, which have gone away earlier.

  • Sleep disorders – problems with falling asleep, lack of sleep
  • Anxiety, inner tension
  • Irritability, increased nervousness
  • The patient talks to himself/herself
  • Smoking more cigarettes
  • Drinking more coffee

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