Schizophrenia causes


The causes of schizophrenia are searched for within two areas. These are the areas:

  • biological sensitivity - in case of this illness, when central nervous system develops, an error occurs, causing a person to be more sensitive to schizophrenia factors than other people; brain development disorders can be congenital or be a result of infection during pregnancy, difficulties at childbirth, meningitis or injury;
  • psychosocial circumstances – in persons with individually determined susceptibility, schizophrenia may be induced by emotional problems with important life events in the background (divorce, death of a close person or breakup of relationship with a partner).

Is schizophernia or psychosis hereditary?


Schizophrenia is in a sense hereditary, but only “in a sense”.

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As even if nobody in your family suffered from schizophrenia, the risk that you will be ill is 1:100. If, however, your brother, sister or one parent has had symptoms of schizophrenia, the risk of falling ill is growing, however, is still scarce - as it is merely 1:10.

In addition, even if someone in the family has suffered or suffers from schizophrenia, and you are over 30 years old, the risk of falling ill is minimal. If your father, mother, brother or sister suffered from psychosis, the risk that your child will become ill in the future is still low, being 1:30.

If you have psychosis, nobody will try to persuade you to forgot having children – as the risk of schizophrenia for our child is 1:10. It is pertinent to note that genetic factors are related not only to one gene or several genes.

Researchers are trying to find these factors, but even if they manage to identify them, there are still other factors than genetic ones, which are important for the formation of schizophrenia symptoms in a particular individual – as, even if both parents suffered from psychosis, the risk that their child will have psychosis is less than 100%, event less than 50%, since it is about 40%.

It is worth knowing that...

It can be established with certainty that schizophrenia is not caused by wrong bringing up at home or injuries/traumas (neither physical not mental) or "weakness of character". Schizophrenia is definitely not a punishment for sins or transgressions – one's own or family's.

Stress related factors or increased susceptibility to stress in patients with schizophrenia are significant for exacerbation (relapses) of the illness. Greater susceptibility to stress occurs also in persons with other mental disorders, such as depressions or neurosis.

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