Symptoms to be concerned about

A characteristic feature of mental disorder symptoms is the fact of being unspecific in their prevailing majority, what means that the same symptoms (e.g. anxiety, worse mood, delusions, hallucinations, memory disorders) may be found in various somatic and mental conditions.

Symptoms which indicate poor mental health status:

  • excessive fears;
  • intrusive, obsessive thoughts or activities to which we repeatedly return, while we would prefer getting rid of them;
  • irritability, rowdiness, aggressiveness, volatility of emotions, difficult to control and tackle;
  • states of mood depression and / or sadness, occurring without any adequate reason;
  • decrease or loss of the ability for joy or for experiencing pleasures;
  • constant obsession with unpleasant, regrettable thoughts, excessive and unjustified pessimism;
  • behavioural disorders;
  • the sense of loss of energy, life dynamism and impetus;
  • mental and motor slowdown;
  • excessively good mood, inappropriate to situation or circumstances, unjustified optimism;
  • unnaturally increased impetus of thinking, speaking and acting;
  • hyperactivity, excessive mobility, reckless, ill-considered actions, sometimes chaotic and unfinished;
  • excessive, unjustified carelessness, excessive and careless disregard of dangers, profligacy;
  • problems with concentration, easy distraction;
  • difficulties with memorisation and recalling;
  • either decreased or excessively enhanced appetite;
  • sleep disorders - problems with falling asleep, shallow sleep, waking up at night, early morning wake ups, total insomnia, excessive drowsiness during the day, unpleasant night dreams, nightmares;
  • excessive association of facts, assigning excessive importance to incidental events, relating them in particular to one's own person;
  • affected perception skills - hearing of sounds, voices of not existing persons, vision or sensing of not existing objects, i.e., hallucinations;
  • distorted, false opinions, wrong evaluations of the reality and convictions, persistently maintained despite obvious evidence for their erroneousness and irrationality, that is delusions (it can be false convictions of personal mission, wealth, unusual influencing skills, of being persecuted, ill, controlled by external forces, exposed to threats in various ways, enhanced sense of guilt, futility, nothingness, poverty.

Did you know that...

Anxiety, similarly as pain, is a signal, warning of incoming or potential danger. Excessive, unjustified fear and anxiety become a suffering, impeding the accomplishment of life goals. It may have a form of diffuse, constantly present nervous tension, anxiety, sometimes with having a lump in the throat, increased heartbeat, muscle tremors or tension, headaches.

It may also take a form of unexpected severe anxiety attacks, combined with terror, the sensation of suffocating, dying, enhanced heartbeat. Sometimes, fear is felt in specific circumstances (confined space, in direct contact with people, in open space) - such a fear is defined as phobia.

Symptoms which signal a serious threat to the patient:

  • lost zest for life, desire to die, suicidal thoughts, intention to commit suicide;
  • inability for or rejection of food and fluid intake;
  • inability to move, stupor, stillness;
  • loss of verbal contact and of other communication forms;
  • inability of logical thinking and speaking;
  • no orientation of the place, time and situation at which a given person is actually present;
  • inability to remember current news and information;
  • inability to take decisions, coexistence of inconsistent desires and aims;
  • inability to undertake any action;
  • starting activities while being prompted by false perceptions of voices (auditory hallucinations) or false judgements (delusions), which the affected person is not able to control;
  • imperative voices (auditory hallucinations) - orders to commit suicide, damage something or kill someone;
  • voices (auditory hallucinations), uttering threats;
  • odd, incomprehensible, unpredictable behaviour.
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