When to visit the doctor?


The first visit need not be at a psychologist's or a psychiatrist's office. Medical advice may be sought from a family doctor or a GP, especially in case of non-specific symptoms, such as: sense of tension, nervousness, irritability, headaches, muscular and abdominal pains, weakness, loss of energy, low appetite, sleep problems, muscular tremor, palpitation, feeling of general malaise, problems with concentration and memory, anxiety, fear, low mood.

Is such a visit free-of-charge and is a referral necessary?

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The primary care doctor may be attended without referral. The only condition to obtain free-of-charge medical counselling is having a valid insurance policy. Unemployed and noninsured persons may get the required insurance by registration at the employment office while persons in special situation may be insured by a social support centre.


If any symptoms are particularly annoying to you, do not wait. Book an appointment with a psychiatrist. Psychiatrist is a doctor of the first contact. No referral is needed to book the appointment.

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