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Schizophrenia often develops between the ages of 18 and 35, which is a critical life period for studying and for making career and professional decisions.

As a result, most of these patients do not have the qualifications for jobs requiring professional training. Psychotherapy and psychosocial interventions are aimed at helping patients to overcome psychological, social and workplace obstacles.
These therapies can help patients with milder symptoms, or those with appropriately controlled psychotic symptoms.
The degree to which mental abilities, also known as “cognitive functions”, such as concentration, memory, thinking, planning and problem-solving are affected, have a significant impact on the chances of patients to continue their studies or to get and maintain a job.
With the new antipsychotic drugs, symptoms can be treated to an extent that schizophrenia patients will be able to continue their studies or get a job. We know many people who are successful and have a full and happy life despite their disease.