Aims and rules of schizophrenia treatment


The fundamental rules in the treatment of mental diseases include:

  • early identification of symptoms and interventions to prevent progression of disorders,
  • counteracting disease relapses,
  • individual selection of treatment methods and multilateral approach,
  • education of the patient and his/her family and their active participation in therapy,
  • support of healing and participation in family and social life,
  • preference for home versus hospital environment for therapy administration.

These rules have been discussed in the article The rules of treatment of mental disorders and conditions (in category Mental disorders in the tab: Mental health and conditions).


One of the biggest risks for schizophrenic patients is non-compliance with medication regimens. A consequent compliance with recommended pharmacotherapy may prevent many abnormalities, leading to health deterioration. It is worth taking care of safety and be responsible for yourself and your relatives. It is now even easier - long-acting drugs help to be functional and in treatment of disorders. Mental disease is not a final verdict - living with schizophrenia is difficult but may be facilitated.

Talking about Treatment in Schizophrenia – an animated journey

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