Treating schizophrenia with Long-acting Antipsychotic Injections (LAIs)


How can long-acting injectables help you?


What is a long-acting injectable therapy?

Tablets are not the only form of medical treatment of schizophrenia. Long-acting injectable (LAI) is a medical treatment given as an injection. They are called long-acting because the shots need to be given only biweekly, monthly or once every three months.

What benefits can LAIs offer?

Many patients experience the benefits of the long-acting injection therapy over the tablets.
• You will not have to worry about missing a dose.
• You can lower the risk of not feeling well and having to go back to the hospital again.
• Instead of the daily use of tablets patients need to get one injection biweekly, monthly or once every three months.

Why do I need LAIs?

You have probably already talked to your doctor about having a hard time remembering when you need to take your medication. The patients will not have to self-administer the medication as the injections are given by the doctor or the nurse. You need to get the injection only once or twice a month or even once every three months as opposed to the daily use of tablets. Switching to LAIs you can get the most out of your therapy today and beyond.

How is the LAI going to help me?

LAIs can help you control your symptoms and can make you feel better. LAIs can also help you keep your general well-being by lowering the chances of the  symptoms to return.

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