Electroconvulsive therapy


In case of patients with suicidal inclinations, rejecting the reception of fluids and foods and with deteriorating somatic state, electric shocks are a life saving procedure.


Electric shock therapy is particularly effective in the following cases:

  • medicine-resistant depressions and psychoses,
  • depressions with psychotic symptoms,
  • catatonic stupor.

The procedure involves a stimulation of the central nervous system with an electrical impulse via electrodes, applied to the temporal region.

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It is done under anaesthesiologist's supervision and in general anaesthesia and atonia, thus not exerting any unpleasant effects for the patient.

The therapy with electric shocks requires an informed written consent of the patient, who should be informed about expected therapeutic results and possible risks. When the patient is not able to express his/her consent for mental disorder, the consent is provided by the family court by request of the attending physician.

In case of a sudden, immediate life threatening situation in the patient, who is unable to provide his/her consent to the procedure, it is done by decision of two specialised doctors with notification of the court.

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