The Urology Department of The Teaching Hospital of The Prešov University of Prešov and J.A. Reiman Hospital and Policlinic of Prešov


Since the year 2004, the above named works as the Head Physician of the Department of Public Health of the Prešov University of Prešov and the J.A. Reiman Teaching Hospital and Policlinic of Prešov. In the year 2009, he was appointed to an associate professorship (docent) in the discipline of surgery. He is a knowledgeable specialist in the field of urology and uro-oncology. Within the framework of his medical practice, he attends patients with urological malignancies and urological cancers and treatment urogynecology, laser surgery treatment in urology and endourology.

He completed various study stays abroad – within Europe: the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Austria, Germany, Holland and Belgium; In the year 2009, beyond the seas: USA (The University of California and The University of San Francisco). In the year 1999, he worked as the Deputy Head Physician at the Clinic of Urology of the St. Luke’s University Hospital in Valetta, Malta).

Since the year 2009, he has acted as the President of the Slovak Society of Urology, he is a member of Slovak Society Surgery and active member of the European Association of Urology. In the year 2011 he became an honorary member of the Czech Society of Urology.


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