Nóra Páll, MSc (Eng.)
Nóra Páll, MSc (Eng.)
Senior Health Economist at Ideas & Solutions

Nóra Páll, MSc (Eng.)

Nóra Páll is senior health economist at Ideas & Solutions. She joined the team in 2013 and is currently involved in projects related to health economics analyses, decision modelling and the development of evidence-based market access strategies. She is also responsible for leading projects and international partnerships across Central and Eastern Europe, most of which are related to market access landscaping and reimbursement / funding policies.

Current focuses:

  • Elaborating market access strategies in middle income countries
  • Providing support on successful product launch with multiple markets involved
  • Use of qualitative research data in market access models

Nóra received her Master degree in health care policy, planning and financing with a specialization in health economics. In 2013 Nóra joined the Department of Biological Physics at Eötvös Loránd University, taking responsible for network analysis of health care data (e.g monitoring pharmaceutical consumption patterns, patients’ pathways in rare diseases). In her university role, Nóra has participated at several conferences presenting the use of network methodology in health care data mining.

Nóra speaks English, French and Hungarian.


Gaps in patients' access to hematology care in Central and Eastern European EU member states