Adrian Pana, MD, Ph.D
Adrian Pana, MD, Ph.D
Managing Partner Center for Health Outcomes and Evaluation, Romania

Adrian Pana, MD, Ph.D

Adrian Pana, is a 49 years old Romanian, Public Health and Health Management senior consultant physician with a sound academic and professional background in epidemiology, public health, and health economics, policy and management. Currently he is working as a health consultant, being involved in several projects focused on health system governance, innovative ways of financing / costing health services, accountability and transformation, value–based health care services and their outcomes, reshaping & designing new models of delivery of healthcare services, and evidence based policies for assessment of new health technologies.

His professional background consists in over 15 years of working experience for the Romanian Government at the central level also for more than 7 years of work as a consultant in international projects on the health sector. He gained this, by working as a Secretary of State as well as a management executive in several departments for the National Health Insurance House and later on for the National Institute for Health Research and Development, the Ministry of Health, and for the Health Commission at the Romanian Parliament. During this period he had also the opportunity to be part in several projects in collaboration with international organizations (WHO, The World Bank, and the European Commission).


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