Magdalena Władysiuk, MD
Magdalena Władysiuk, MD
Hematology, Neurology
Department of Neurology in Jagielonian University

Magdalena Władysiuk, MD

Magdalena Wladysiuk is the Vice President of HTA Consulting, President of CEESTAHC Society. In HTA Consulting, she is responsible for the strategic development of the company through research and services development, new product launch and marketing. Ms. Wladysiuk main and primary aim is to provide high quality information or data based on evidence based medicine or health technology assessment methodology not only in Poland but in Europe and Asia. Key role of her work is to improve patient outcomes through better healthcare decisions. HTA Consulting provides wide scope of service to planning, collecting, analyzing and presenting clinical, cost data, health technology assessment report to public and private sector - healthcare professionals, payers, hospitals, and employers.

In CEESTAHC she was responsible for the establishing and providing wide connection platform for discussion for all stakeholders in health care system. CEESTAHC mission is to improve the quality of health care systems value with the use of evidence.

  • Graduate of the Medical Academy in Lublin in 2000
  • MBA and economy in Kozminski Academy in Warsaw in 2004
  • Founder of the CEESTAHC in 2003 and its President up to 2005 and from 2010 again the President of CEESTAHC
  • Member of HTAi Annual Meeting in 2006-2008
  • Ph.D. Program from 2013 in Medical Academy in Lublin
  • Academic teacher in Department of Neurology in Jagielonian University


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