Real stories

  • Mr. Peter's story

    Mr. Peter's story

    (Czech Republic) After the initial shock, you start to look in the rear view mirror and do your balances. At first, what did I miss or do wrong. But then I went in another direction and realized that I hadn’t wasted my life, that I accomplished things, started a company, had fun and lived a lot.
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  • Mr. John's story

    Mr. John's story

    (Czech Republic) This experience with my illness, which the Internet deems incurable, was incredibly valuable to me. It was, in a way, a gift. I reassessed many things in my life. Many priorities shifted and I started to value relationships instead of things.
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  • I was very fortunate in life

    I was very fortunate in life

    (Poland) "When I first learned about my disease, I thought my life was over. For me it was a death sentence."
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  • In search of peace

    In search of peace

    (Bulgaria) "One way for one to survive is to engage in work, a lot of work. Then one forgets"
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  • A difficult journey

    A difficult journey

    (Hungary) "I take the medicine in the morning, and then I can spend the entire day with my family"
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  • Ups and downs

    Ups and downs

    (Ireland) "In January 2014, my consultant told me my CLL was at an advanced stage and I was given 12 weeks to live."
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  • Choosing life

    Choosing life

    (Israel) "I take a pill in the morning, which keeps me alive. It’s the thing that keeps my leukemia in check, allowing me to watch my children grow up and hear the parrots that I raise chirp."
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  • Regaining life

    Regaining life

    (Romania) "I became more active, more confident, my performance levels at work have improved. In short, I have regained my life."
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  • Paul's story:  "Diagnosis: prostate cancer"

    Paul's story: "Diagnosis: prostate cancer"

    (Germany) "Diagnosis: prostate cancer"
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  • Wojciech Wilkowski

    Wojciech Wilkowski

    (Poland) "Today people worship beauty, and psoriasis makes life really difficult."
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  • Małgorzata Miszewska

    Małgorzata Miszewska

    (Poland) "How can I accept my disease when, according to cosmetics commercials, it is the skin that makes women beautiful?"
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  • Andrzej Grządka

    Andrzej Grządka

    (Poland) "Nobody can help you better in your psoriasis than other patients. You should meet them, talk to them, and share experiences because the power to fight the disease is within you."
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  • Małgorzata Kułakowska

    Małgorzata Kułakowska

    (Poland) Małgorzata Kułakowska has been living with psoriasis for 37 years. She now accepts the condition of her skin, but she used to wear long-sleeved and long-legged clothing to hide every inch of her body. A major turning point came after almost 30 years.
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  • Danuta Nowakowska

    Danuta Nowakowska

    (Poland) "I started an association. It is called "Move out of the shadows" I myself wanted to stay in the shadows in order not to upset anyone."
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  • Harald's story "Diagnosis: psoriasis"

    Harald's story "Diagnosis: psoriasis"

    (Germany) "Diagnosis: psoriasis"
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  • There's more to life than living...

    There's more to life than living...

    (Germany) Christof: “You feel like a hunted animal fighting for its life … You look for someone to blame. And who do I punish? Myself!”
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  • Changing everything

    Changing everything

    (Slovakia) In April 2005, I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma – a cancer formed by malignant plasma cells found in the bone marrow. I accepted the illness with sadness but with humility.
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