4. The importance of sport and daily routine: movement and nature


We started with morning and evening walks. First, we could only go to the corner shop. Later we gradually increased the distance and I’m happy to share with you that after nearly half a year I was able to complete a ten-kilometre forest hike. Walking for an hour every day (which means walking three to five kilometres) gives me a very pleasant feeling.
Using smart watches has helped me remain motivated during our walks. It even keeps track of my pulse. These days, step counting is also possible with any smart phone. A personal trainer can help a lot with motivation, though a good friend can be just as helpful if they keep pushing us in the gym.

For us, it is an uplifting feeling to exist in harmony with nature. We take every opportunity to go hiking with family and friends. The power of sunlight has helped us through many difficult days and put a smile on our faces. We exist in balance and enjoy the healing power of movement and nature.

© 2019 Dániel Oravetz - Teodora Kulcsár